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1-1 online sessions

During the sessions


  • demonstation and education

  • a space to express their creativity

  • advance their skills in painting

  • understand the association of colour for emotion 

  • how texture can be formed easily and effectively 

  • biblical verses encouraged alongside their paintings

Tap Into God's Creativity

Would you like to participate in prophetic creativity 1-1 online sessions? 

Get in touch today and book on 


Personal mentoring by Artist Diane Roberts herself

Running time: 1 hour over zoom or other system

£50 per person, scheduled via email or phone call.

I wish to introduce everybody to their creative potential

I believe creativity is from heaven

I want everybody to encounter God

I want people to know their true identity and inheritance

I want to introduce everybody to God’s presence

I wish to encourage others to practice their prophetic inheritance

I wish to expand their understanding of creativity within the church and local communities


 I encourage people to paint pictures for themselves as they encounter the presence of God. Pictures can also be powerful messages for others.


PROPHETIC CREATIVITY 1-1 online sessions

£50 per person


THE CREATIVITY Mentoring Session

The Session will unlock your creativity.

To awaken your God given gifts and aid your spiritual love of Jesus.

The session is designed for anyone who desires to awaken their dream, activate the gifts that God placed inside of them and partner with the Holy Spirit.

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