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Welcome to my Website! I am a Prophetic Visual Artist. I create God inspired artworks, paint personal prophetic pictures for people and do commissioned dream artworks. God has transformed my life and I have lots of encouragement and knowledge to share with you to build your faith in Jesus. I make YouTube videos, sharing my experiences and share what God's doing in my life daily on Instagram. 


Diane Roberts Prophetic Artist

What is a  prophetic artist?

A prophetic artist is a person who channels God's messages through artwork which seeks to speak, build up, encourage and console.

I believe in channelling my God given creativity in order to produce unique prophetic artwork in Bournemouth.

The inspiration for my work is God’s miracle of creation in the world around us.

My education, training and experience allows my perspective as an artist to remain traditional yet contemporary.

Art is how I express my Love of God and His word. I depict spiritual messages and offer new ways of viewing God's world.


1 Corinthians 14:3 Paul writes...

“On the other hand, the one who prophesies speaks to people for their upbuilding and encouragement and consolation.”

prophetic God's Light


My earliest memories are of drawing. 

Holding a pencil and making circular motions that filled the page with the shiny graphite. Drawing was especially important to my experience and development, for as a dyslexic child I found reading and writing extremely difficult.

"For the past twelve weeks, Diane and I have had great fun pushing techniques in water colour prophetic art.  Prophetic art has come to prominence in church life and involves allowing what we have received from the Holy Spirit to be expressed in art form.


 This could be from a dream or vision.

Other purposes include a love letter from Jesus, an act of worship, healing, spiritual warfare, revealing the spirit world and prophetic declaration.

Subjects we have painted include seascapes and still life as well as biblical themes such as Ezekiel's vision, the blood and tomb of Christ and Jesus Transfigured. 

Diane has helped me greatly with ideas and techniques to explore the prophetic gifting and has givenmeconfidence to pursue it further.  The Lord has a lot to say through this gift."

Angela Hopkinson


My Testimony

Although I’ve been a Christian for many years, last year I had a serious illness, through this illness I lost the ability to paint, this was a great difficulty for me. God’s closeness and presences were so important for me and I was delivered from this with a new desire for him. Since this development in my life I became a prophetic artist now seeking all my creativity to be attributed to the one I love Jesus Christ.

This life changing event completely altered my relationship with painting.

Nearing the end of this time I decided to pray to God for a prophetic gift. After much praying and search of my soul I had a revelation. During The New Wine Christian festival God anointed my hands with holy oil at a healing ministry and since then I’ve dedicated all the creative work of my hands to God.  

This prophetic gifting expresses itself in worship.

I sit and wait for the presence of the Holy Spirit to rest upon me, I then see pictures and visions which I begin to faithfully paint.

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